A Y Career is a Career with a Purpose

No matter what role you seek, you can make a valuable contribution and help transform the lives of others. If you’re the kind of person that puts people first, leads by example and holds our values of being caring, respectful and responsible, you’re a lot like us and we’d like to meet you.

Simply put, a career at the Y is a career with a purpose. Inspired? Join us.

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Early Childhood Development 

CHildcare Jobs

The YMCA is now the highest paying employer of childcare and early education professionals. Receive 50% off childcare, free Y membership, and paid certifications.

Lifeguarding and Swim Instruction


Lifeguards and swim instructors are needed year-round. Minimum age requirement is 16 and paid certification is available.

Teenage Opportunities

Day Camp Teenage Jobs

Unique career opportunities for teenagers including lifeguards, swim instructors, youth basketball officials, day camp counselors, and program instructors. 

Camp Manitou-lin

CML Counselors

Ready to have the BEST summer EVER? Check out our camp counselor positions.

After School Care

After School Care

Facilities, Maintenance, and Housekeeping

Facility Staff Member

“I started working at the Y as a swim instructor 2 years ago for the free gym membership and never would have dreamed I would have ended up in this current position. It’s been a dream come true. They Y see’s your potential and really try to develop you spiritually, mentally, and physically. They really help you grow and develop and I have made some of my best friends working at the Y”.

Lindsey Hoogstra, Lead Aquatics Instructor 

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Guiding Principles describe our behaviors to support our organization’s work throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in goals, strategies, and leadership. Our Guiding Principles are as follows: CULTIVATE-We grow staff and volunteer leaders who will be stewards of the Y mission, resources, and opportunities. We OWN-We think long-term and act on behalf of the organization, beyond our own team. WELCOME-We are inclusive of all people and all communities. SERVE-We provide timely and excellent service to members, volunteers, community, and each other. LEARN - We are curious about new possibilities and act to explore them. UNITE-We work together to achieve big goals and speak as one voice. RESPECT-We treat others with kindness and speak positively about other people in all situations. PLAY-We celebrate, appreciate, and have fun!

The YMCA of Great Grand Rapids utilizes a Membership By Design framework, which is a member involvement and community building model for YMCAs across the country. All staff members—front-line, management, full- and part-time—and volunteers have a role to play in member engagement. These responsibilities can be broken into six steps:

  1. Staff and volunteers encourage potential members to enroll in programs and activities that meet their needs.
  2. Staff and volunteers ask members continually about their satisfaction with a program or activity, track responses, listen to suggestions, and respond promptly in a manner consistent with the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
  3. Relationship Building: Staff and volunteers are open, friendly, and approachable to all YMCA members and participants. Staff and volunteers initiate interaction with and between members.
  4. Education and Conversion: Staff and volunteers know about and share their knowledge of the YMCA, its programs, its policies, its mission, its values, and how it benefits members and the community.
  5. Volunteerism and Leadership: Staff and volunteers create opportunities for members to volunteer in their areas of interest, and they ask members to do so whenever appropriate.
  6. Staff and volunteers encourage members to “own” the YMCA, using words such as “we,” “us,” and “our association” (and actions that match those words) to include members as well as staff and volunteers.